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Pilsner - Autosuggestion (High-Energy Rock US 1998)

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The sound of popular music in the 1990s has been varied and eclectic--but high-energy Rock’n’Roll never goes out of style! 

With that in mind, Rob Tabachka (guitar/vocals) formed Pilsner in 1996 with Ted Williams (bass), Kevin Hoffman (guitar) and Joe Wainwright III (drums). Influenced by rockers like Iggy and the Stooges, the Ramones, Motorhead, and Johnny Thunders, the band laid down a self-titled, four-song demo showcasing their inspired mix of punk, blues, and heavy metal. 

The recording was well-received in the U.S.;  single “Shot to Hell” appeared on the soundtrack to Marc Johnson’s 1997 independent film Leaving Scars. (Sure to be a cult-classic!) 

It wasn’t long before Get Hip Recordings added Pilsner to their roster, releasing the song “Monster Inside My Head” on a split single with fellow Pittsburgh punks Liverball (GH-204). 

The two remaining cuts debuted on the acclaimed Pittsburgh compilation CD Iron City Punk Vol. 2 (Ripe Records, #002, 1997), which includes tracks by internationally renowned Pittsburgh punks Submachine and Anti-Flag and Get Hip labelmates Steel Miners. 

With the word on the street, Get Hip is ready to unleash Pilsner’s full-length debut Autosuggestion on the world. It’s not an understatement to say that Pilsner fuckin’ ROCKS! So for those about to (rock), we salute you!

Rob Tabachka: Vocals, guitar 
 Ted Williams: Bass, backing vocals 
 Kevin Hoffman: Guitar 
 Joe Wainwright III: Drums 
 Additional drums: Matt Forbes 

01. I'm Going Mad   01:57
02. Teenage 505   03:20
03. Monster Inside My Head   02:31
04. Fish Song   03:29
05. Shut Up!   00:59
06. Laughter   03:54
07. Bring Down the Power   02:53
08. Highway 095   02:45
09. Shot to Hell   02:14
10. Fight Back   03:42
11. Voodoo Drinkin' Blues   03:54

1. Pilsner
2. Pilsner
3. Pilsner


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