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Killer Boogie - Acid Cream (Superb Retro-Hardrock Italy 2019)

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As it was with their 2015 debut, Detroit, the forthcoming second album from Roman trio Killer Boogie, titled Acid Cream and set to release March 9 via Heavy Psych Sounds with preorders up now, is an entirely unpretentious romp through classic fuzz influence given a modern stylistic update. 

Shades of The Stooges and the MC5 are of course consistent, but to listen to the new single “Atomic Race” or a later piece like “The Black Widow” and one can hear elements pulled from Hawkwind and at-their-most-blues-shuffling Black Sabbath as well, and the signal is clear: Killer Boogie are growing, have grown. They’re becoming a more versatile band.

I’m hoping to have a full review up before the album hits, so I don’t want to go too deep into it now, but “Atomic Race” represents the record pretty well and the new dynamic forming between guitarist/vocalist Gabriele Fiori, also of Black Rainbows and the head of Heavy Psych Sounds, newcomer bassist Nicola Cosentino and returning drummer Luigi Costanzo is palpable in its relatively quick four-and-a-half-minute run. It doesn’t necessarily represent all the ground their songwriting covers throughout on songs like “Let the Birds Fly” and the 7″-worthy fuzz rocker “The Day of Melted Ice Cream,” but in its undeniable hook and heady vibe, it definitely speaks well for its surroundings.

“Acid Cream” marks the fuzzy comeback of KILLER BOOGIE, with Gabriele Fiori, Luigi Costanzo and new bassist Nicola Cosentino on board for this 11-track long trip. Inspired by the craziness of the late 60s-70s, with a pinch of proto-punk and proto-metal feeling to make it sound even more unique, “Acid Cream” is filled with riffs that will please all Fuzz & Big Muff lovers! Vocals have both a vintage melodic touch and an aggressive punch. Fast and heavy songs get mixed with catchy and happy ones. From shorter and straightforward tunes to some with long and changing parts, the trio provides the listener an intoxicating rock’n’roll experience following the footsteps of MC5 and Cream.

“Acid Cream” was recorded in the summer of 2017 and mixed in the fall, includes new riffs and grooves together with a bunch of exclusive and previously unreleased live songs. All the tasty licks, the raw sounds and light-hearted atmospheres are perfectly depicted by the trippy artwork of Swedish artist Robin Gnista. “Acid Cream” will see a limited Clear Blue and Black vinyl, and will also be available on CD and digital format.

Killer Boogie is
* Gabriele – Vocals & Guitar
* Nicola Cosentino – Bass
* Luigi Costanzo – Drums

01. Superpusher 01:29
02. Escape From Reality 03:05
03. Atomic Race 04:35
04. Am I Daemon 04:47
05. Let The Birds Fly 04:39
06. Dino-Sour 02:46
07. Brother In Time 04:25
08. Mississippi 01:01
09. The Black Widow 05:13
10. The Day Of The Melted Ice Cream 02:40
11. I Wanna A Woman Like You 03:53

1. Killer Boogie
2. Killer Boogie
3. Killer Boogie

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