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Thunderduk - Selftitled (Good Hardrock US 1974)

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A highly uncommercial Cleveland, Ohio rock group. Their recordings are rather hit and miss affairs. All nine cuts on the Rockadelic album are originals. The finer moments include the driving guitar on opener Why Don't You Love Me?, the fine jamming guitar work on Time And Again and, by contrast, the mellow slow-paced Something To Look At with its dominant percussion work. 

The recordings on the Rockadelic album span the 1972 - 74 period when their desire to play original music and their on stage antics made them one of the top draws on the Cleveland Club scene. Bob Turchek was later replaced on drums by ex-Catscradle drummer Rick Fischer. Most of the material on the Rockadelic album was played by the band on two Agency Studio live broadcasts carried by local station WNCR.

Band photos and raw opening track may tempt one to file this among the typical Rockadelic teenage basement hardrock blowouts, but in actuality this is a local prog/jazzrock affair that's a bit left field both for the label and my hi-fi. The uptempo, energetic excursions suffer from so-so songwriting and a dry, clinical soundscape that cries out for keyboards, fuzz and feedback, and jars with the distorted vocals. Liner notes claim they were a big draw live but it doesn't really sound like it, and there's an odd atonal and out of synch feel to the recording as a whole -- but maybe that's right for the genre. Couple of OK tracks, but too little guitar, and neither psych, folk nor hardrock; may appeal to fans of the UK hard prog scene. 1972-1974 recordings.

01 - Why Don´t You Love Me
02 - Mountain By The Moon
03 - Something to Look At
04 - Time And Again
05 - The Collector
06 - Keep On Comin´
07 - Number One
08 - Once Again Darkness
09 - Jake 26 



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