Friday, August 05, 2022

The 50 most valuable records of all time (So Far...)

Hello all music collectors. Summer is here and the rain is pouring down...

I am posting here below the most sought after records as they have sold for up to today from the website: "POPSIKE" Auction prices are from

Good to know: These auction prices do NOT tell you what the disc is worth, the price is more to know how rare it is (in different conditions) and how many people bid on the auction.

The value of an album: It's a pity for anyone who wants to start collecting original albums on vinyl today. Sellers at record fairs and websites ruin it for record collectors. 

I see many sellers who have an LP album that is EX-/M-, but still write the amount that is for records in the MINT GRADE. It is very rare for a record, single, EP and LP album to be in mint condition. A Mint album must be in an absolutely new condition. Both the vinyl and the cover must be in absolutely new condition. For example, if the album looks "Used", it falls to EX+ inexorably and thus the value of the album drops.

The discs in the list below are in different conditions and, as I said, do not tell what the disc is worth. It is enough for the buyers to know that the record is almost impossible to find. The person with the most money wins. 



George said...

"Summer is here and the rain is pouring down".
Could be worse. A 15-day long Mediterranean heatwave, for example :)

Man from Mordor said...

Abba release an album in 2021 . . . surely they have committed enough crimes against music during the years they were active and there is no need to submit the people of the globe to further second rate nonsense. Super troopers should stay in retirement.

Phantom Of The Rock Oper said...

This will nmake your eyes water. The Tommy Johnson sale comes in at a humble 13th in this list

Anonymous said...

OMG, I've got three of those, I'm off to double check now. Thanks for the alert!

Bambi said...

You know it's already 2022?
ABBA did release a new album in 2021.