Thursday, January 26, 2023

Eloy - Eloy (German Hardrock 1971) (2CD)

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ELOY's debut album is one of Germany's 70's heavy weights and one of my personal favs. This stonker of an album captures the wonderful underground 70's krautrock magic, clearly standing up though as a very different sounding ELOY than subsequent album would prove for sure. Like so many great 70's German prog recordings, ELOY's debut album was produced by... yes you guessed it Conrad Plank. 

The overall sound is dark and deep with a heavy focus on electric guitar and percussion. From this albums original lineup, 3 of the 5 would stay behind to work on subsequent albums and retain the core of ELOY... Frank Bornemann (guitar, harmonica, percussion), Manfred Wieczorke (guitar, bass, vocals) and Wolfgang Stöcker (bass) with Erich Schriever (lead vocals, keyboards) and Helmuth Draht (drums) exiting after recording this masterpiece. 

Lead vocalist Erich Schriever has actually a great tock voice and adds that extra rough sound which adorns this album. Songs are exploratory and full of great 70's instrumentation with loads of wild guitar solos and great percussive sounds. Their overall sounds is quite heavy and does not yet introduce the space sound ELOY became associated with but I put this album in a different category and think of it as ELOY MK2. Brilliant stuff!

- Frank Bornemann / guitars, vocals 
- Helmut Draht / drums 
- Erich Schriever / lead vocals 
- Wolfgang Stöcker / bass 
- Manfred Wieczorke / keyboards

Track listing
01. Today (5:56) 
02. Something yellow (8:15) 
03. Eloy (6:15) 
04. Song of a paranoid soldier (4:50) 
05. Voice of revolution (3:07) 
06. Isle of sun (6:03) 
07. Dillus roady (6:32)

Bonus CD
01. Walk Alone (2.46)
02. Daybreak (2.51)
03. Interview With Manfred Wieczorke (23.08)

1. Eloy
2. Eloy


Carlos Henrique Xavier Endo said...

I've always considered "Eloy" to be a progressive act, but hard rock applies to them as well. But whatever the genre, it's a powerful and wonderful sound. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Krautrock yes, also one of the best progressive rock bands of the 1970s, though this debut was far less impressive than their masterworks "Inside", "Floating", "Dawn" etc, which need to be heard by everyone. Thanks and keep rocking Chris.

simonthecat said...

Love this band! Metromania was my first exposure, but I like everything I've heard from them. Great post!