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Very Rare, Not to be missed: The Rolling Stones - Pro Master Series by JFLabs (Bootleg)

The Rolling Stones - France EP 1965

Size: 393 MB
Bitrate: 320
Found in Internet
Some Artwork Included

First, JFLabs is a fictitous name i'll be using to denote bootlegs that have been mastered by myself & assistant.  I used to work as an audio mastering engineer in the music industry for almost 20 years. Now my health is not so good & i'm disabled & retired.  This gives me the time to work on projects like this long as my health is decent.  

The Rolling Stones - France Single 1965
I wish to remain anonymous for any possible legal issues regarding bootlegs...ya never know in today's world:-(  I treat each track as if they were final mixes placed on my desk to be mastered.  I only deal with high quality recorded & mixed tracks...stuff I'm gonna listen to myself after they are mastered. On to this series of tracks.

First, I chose only tracks that were recorded & mixed somewhat pretty good (except for the 2 Bonus songs...i couldn't resist adding them even though they have their share of hiccups & the quality of recording is not up to par). I did some edits (removed clicks, crackle, hiss, corrected speed/pitch, fades...etc.), then went about the mastering procces. I tried hard to stay away from compressing the mids & was real careful not to limit them to death so as to keep the dynamics/transients intact. 

The Rolling Stones - France Single 1968
They are limited to around 12.3db--15db, which is a good comprimise between loudness & dynamics. Don't expect them to sound like officially released tracks...although i do prefer some of these over their official counterpart. Some tracks were just not recorded good enough (wild horses, sweet virginia, all down the down_acoustic...etc.), but still sound pretty good. The songs are in no particular order, i figure you can make your own cd's with the tracks you like best. My deepest gratitude goes out to all who have shared/uploaded these know who you are!

The Rolling Stones - Professional Master Series by JFLabs Outtakes & Alternates (1960's - 1978)

01 - Brown Sugar (altered Mick Taylor version COTHSBurlesque)
02 - Jiving Sister Fanny (Itchy Fingers-IU)
03 - Good Time Women (Exile Outtakes)
04 - I'm Going Down (Itchy Fingers-IU)
05 - Shine A Light (Lost Sessions EVSD 332)
06 - Dance Little Sister (Extended Mix) (USMasters)
07 - Criss-Cross Man - (AGNTTW_GHSoup)
08 - Dead Flowers (Acoustic Version - Sotheby Reel)
09 - Stop Breaking Down (Best of Exile Sessions)
10 - Dear Doctor (Unplugged-IU)
11 - Memo From Turner I (ORSessions-IU)
12 - Family (Trident)
13 - Fiji Jim (Accidents)
14 - Do You Think I Really Care aka Yellow Cab (Accidents)
15 - Drift Away (AGNTTW_GHSoup)
16 - Downtown Suzie [take II] (Black Box CD2)
17 - Travelling Man (IORnR--IU)
18 - You Got The Silver (Unplugged-IU)
19 - Living In The Heart Of Love (IORnR-IU)
20 - I Ain't Lying (Best of Exile Sessions)
21 - I Don't Know Why (Itchy Fingers-IU)
22 - Sister Morphine (Unplugged-IU)
23 - Get A Line On You (Sotheby Reel)
24 - All Down The Line II (Itchy Fingers-IU)
25 - Brown Sugar (1969 Shot Of Salvation)
26 - Let The Good Times Roll (Necrophilia)
27 - Child Of The Moon (Session Impossible MUCD 027)
28 - You Can't Always Get What You Want (Unplugged-IU)
29 - Wild Horses (Unplugged-IU)
30 - Too Many Cooks (1973 MJ Single--Shot Of Salvation)
31 - Pay Your Dues (Early SFMan) (Necrophilia)
32 - Memo From Turner II (ORSessions-IU)
33 - Parachute Woman (Alternate Mix) (USMasters)
34 - Family (Retake) (Trident)
35 - All Down The Down_Acoustic (MYTPHOuttakes)
36 - Stuck Out All Alone (aka Give Me A Hamburger) (Trident)
37 - Everything's Turning To Gold (COTHSBurlesque)
38 - Sweet Virginia (USMasters)
39 - Cocksucker Blues II (Cocksucker Blues)
40 - If You Can't Rock Me (USMasters)

Bonus Tracks:
41 - Brown Sugar (w Eric Clapton 1969) (Itchy Fingers-IU)
42 - I Don't Know The Reason Why (Itchy Fingers-IU)
43 - Sympathy For The Devil (COTHSBurlesque)

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Part 2: Link
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Part 1: Link
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The Rolling Stones - France Single 1968

The Rolling Stones - German Single 1968

The Rolling Stones - UK Export Single 1968

The Rolling Stones - US Single 1966 


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