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Not to be missed: Led Zeppelin - Chicago Soundcheck 1973-07-06 & Control Monitor Mixes 1973

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Friday and Saturday, Led Zeppelin landed at the Chicago Stadium, with nearly 20,000 turning out for each night’s show. Apparently anticipating possible problems, someone had seen to it that the place was crawling with security as well. Friday night, at least, things were peaceful enough – in fact, by current concert standards, the whole evening proceeded according to script.

For a band that attracts such an eager-for-action audience, Led Zeppelin is curiously controlled. They are not the type to urge the audience to surge forward; in fact, they play with barricades in front of the stage and Plant expressed distaste more than once for the pushing confrontations going on practically at his feet.

For a band that once relied so much on sheer musicianship, augmented by the stage sexuality of lead singer and vocal gymnast Plant, Led Zep’s picked up a lot of theatrical trappings since their last tour. A stage setting with complete lighting system, mirrored panels and silver balls, plus puffs of smoke and enveloping fogs, represents some borrowings from Pink Floyd, though it works well with Zeppelin’s style too. So does the weird electronic music of the theremin which guitarist Jimmy Page doubled on during Whole Lotta Love.

Page took a couple of solos with some flashy guitar work, and drummer John Bonham managed to make a 15 minute or so drum solo in Moby Dick, not only powerful but incredibly engrossing.

His is the first show of the second leg of the 1973 US Tour and a very rough performance for Robert's voice. At the start of the show it is completely gone and he cannot even hit his middle range. By the middle he warms up a bit but he is still rough and weak throughout. Also were there some PA problems as well as problems with fighting audience so Plant called them down several times during the show "I'd really be obliged if you could cool all that! There's no need to be fighting. I'm sure there's plenty of fights to eatch outside ... There is some sensible reason why these people are doing this ... I have never seen so much leeriness and violence, so cool it! Can you dig that?" Plant blamed the audience several times during the show). The band, however, is tense and thus brutal in their readings while PA system is invalid at some points. Jimmy's soloing is out of this world and the rhythm section commands the long improvisations in Dazed And Confused. A very poor choice for an encore due to Robert's voice and overall, an uneven performance.

Chicago Soundcheck 1973-07-06

01. Sugar Baby (Strawberry Jam) 5:06
02. Wanton Song 2:57
03. The Rover 
    live recording of: The Rover
    writer: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant 7:01
04. The Rover / A Quick One / All Along the Watchtower 5:11
05. Night Flight 
    live recording of: Night Flight
    writer: Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones (UK rock musician of Led Zeppelin & Them Crooked Vultures), Robert      Plant 7:14
06. School Days 
    live cover recording of: School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell)
    composer: Chuck Berry 
    lyricist: Chuck Berry 2:48
07. Nadine  1:03
08. Round and Round 0:40
09. Round and Round 3:41
10. Move on the Down the Line 1:50
11. Please Don't Tease  2:50
12. Move It (C'mon Pretty Baby) 1:28
13. Dynamite  1:32
14. Shakin' All Over 3:06
15. Hungry for Love 2:13
16. I'll Never Get Over You 2:16
17. Reelin' and Rockin' / Surrender / Rock and Roll 5:18

Led Zeppelin - "Salt Lake City 1973"
Control Monitor Mixes, Watchtower Records

01. Four Sticks 05:38
02. Black Dog 05:19
03. Wanton Song 04:15
04. Trampled Underfoot 04:14
05. When The Levee Breaks 05:21  

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